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Best Smart Phone Apps List

Posted by Shawn Ellis on 5/11/2012 to Best Phone Apps

Best Smart Phone Apps List

1.WebMD for Android

WebMD for Android (One of best phone apps) 24/7 access to health information and decision-support tools. WebMD for Android helps you with your decision-making and health improvement efforts by providing mobile access 24/7 to mobile-optimized health information and decision-support tools including WebMD’s Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings

2.Free Google Maps with Navigation Phone App

. Never carry a paper map again or pay for expensive GPS Navigation. Google Maps for Android with Navigation (Beta) has: * Detailed maps with 3D buildings * Voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation * Driving, public transit, biking, and walking directions * Live traffic information to avoid congestion * Local search and business reviews
3.Pandora radio.

Pandora radio is a personalized radio service that streams music on your phone.

Pandora® internet radio is your own FREE personalized radio now available to stream music on your phone.  Start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a "station" that plays their music and more music like it.  Already a Pandora User? Just log in to enjoy your stations.

4. IMDb

IMDb Movies & TV (One of best Phone Apps) The next time you can't remember the name of an actor, television show, or film, IMDb Movies & TV saves the day. One of the handiest reference websites on the planet, IMDb never fails when it comes to looking up anything that has to do with TV, film, or Hollywood. It also has a Parental Guide to see how much profanity, nudity, violence movies have before you watch them

5.Tiny Flashlight

Tiny Flashlight, turns your phone into a camera with either your screen or your flash on your phone (One of best android phone apps)

6.Air Sync Doubletwist

AirSync App for Android Phones (Allows You to easily sync your Music from Itunes and PC to your Phone and play the music on your Phone)

7. Grocery Smart Free

Grocery Smart Free Android Phone App (Makes Grocery Shopping a Breeze with this Grocery List App)

8. Google Translate

(One of Best Phone Apps) Translate text between more than 60 languages. Translate words and phrases between more than 60 languages using Google Translate for Android. For most languages, you can speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations

9. Flixter Free

Android and Iphone Phone App (Makes Finding Movies, Showtimes, Tickets, DVDs  a Breeze)

10. The Weather Channel

Animated radar & more! Download the power of The Weather Channel to your phone.The Weather Channel provides the most accurate and relevant weather information whenever weather matters to you. With 200+ meteorologists and, our ultra-local forecasting technology, we provide you with the weather tools you need to plan your day, week, or even the next hour.

11. Words With Friends

Words With Friends (One of Best Phone Game Apps) The #1 mobile word game Words With Friends Free is now available on Android. Play Words With Friends Free, the #1 mobile word game, with both your Android and iPhone/iPad-toting friends. Experience for yourself why millions of players are addicted to the word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending goodness of Words With Friends.

12. Draw Something

Draw Something (One of Best Phone Game Apps)The most popular social drawing and guessing game on Android! ***The #1 Free App, #1 Paid App and #1 Word Game in over 80 countries!*** Play the Free version of Draw Something, the most popular social drawing and guessing game on Android!

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