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How To Use Your Plastic Bottles For Flower Vases On Your Patio Table Or Shepherd Hook

Posted by Shawn Ellis on 6/6/2012 to Best Landscaping and Ornamental Gardening Tips

How To Use Your Plastic Bottles For Flower Vases On Your Patio Table or Hang Them From Shepherd Hooks

I happened to think of an excellent way to re-use your plastic soda, water, or any kind of water bottles instead of throwing them away. The good thing is that for those with kids or scared of glass, clay or other kind of flower container breaking these are safe. Because they are also pretty thin bottles, instead of pots, you still have plenty of eating room on your table. I put 3 water bottles on my outdoor patio table and tied them around the umbrella pole (If you don't have an umbrella, keep reading to see how to do it). You can add 4 instead depending on the size of the bottles. All you do is the following:

1. Find 3 or 4 plastic bottles of any size
2. Take the wrapping off of the bottles. If there is any remaining wrapper left hard to get off you can use goo gone or a razor to cut it off.
3. Fill the bottles with water.
4. Place flowers into the bottles.
5. Take a piece of hemp twine, rope, or any other material and wrap it twice around the bottles after tightly placing the bottles around the umbrella pole if you have one, and then tie a bow to keep it secured to the table and prevent them from blowing over in any storm. If you do not have an umbrella pole, you can still put them onto the patio table by placing all of the bottles tightly together, and applying enough heavy duty double stick tape onto the bottom of each bottle to keep them secure. Make sure after doing this, to still wrap all 3 or 4 bottles with twine or rope twice and then tie in a bow. You may not even need to use the double sided tape if you do not have an umbrella pole, since the weight of the bottles filled with water from all the bottles tied together will likely be enough.  It also looks best in my opinion if you alternate the sizes of the bottles (large, small, large, small) so that all of the flowers are seen easier.
6. You can also hang these onto Shepherd hooks instead by wrapping twine or wire a few times around the top of the bottle and then tying it to the hook.

P.S. The Flowers used in the picture are 1. Double Knockout Red Roses 2. Light Purple/Fuschia Hibiscus Flower 3. Blue Nanjo Butterfly Bush Flower 4. Wild White Flowers 5. Doublicious Hydrangea Flowers
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